Sabudana Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Process of Sabudana (Tapioca Sago) in India:

  • Water Wash of Field Fresh Roots (To Remove Mud & Dust)

  • Peeling Machine / Manual Peeling (To Remove Skin of Roots)

  • Skin Peeled Root —> Inspection Belt (To Check Manually)

  • Towards Root Grater/Rasper with Fresh Water (For Crushing)

  • Extraction of Raw Starch Milk

  • Refining of Raw Starch

  • Milk & Fibers Separated through 3 or 4 Mesh Filter Separators

Separated Milk through Jet Refiner to Remove Excess Water, and

Separated Fibers through Pulp Press Machine to Remove Water.

  • Moisturised (about 45%) Lumps of Refined Milk to Sizer for Globule Shape of Required Size.

  • Sized Globules moving either to–>

(1) Hot Plates for Roasted Variety, or

(2) Steam Boiler for Boiled Variety

  • Both Variety drying under Sunlight/Mechanical Dryer to bring Moisture below 12% Minimum.

  • Pass through Separator Sieves for Uniform Size & to Remove Brokens & Powder.

  • ‘Tapioca Sago (Sabudana)’ is Ready for Market.